How to Build a Brand in 10 Easy Steps!

Little rays of sunshine and warm breezes have us thinking about the little things we can do to freshen up our brand, and we thought we’d share some of our tips with you too!

First, let’s clarify that a brand refresh is different than rebranding. We’re not talking about going back to the drawing board to create new logos, colour scheme, etc. Instead we’re focusing on small updates that will keep your brand up-to-date and relevant.  The idea is to better align your brand with your ideal clients, peak some interest and create some content that is shareable!


How to refresh your brand in 10 easy steps: 

  1. Review your brand’s mission statement. Afterall, it is your purpose and why your business exists in the first place!

  2. Update your headshot

  3. Update your bios & header images on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

  4. Update your newsletter opt-in (or create one if you don’t already have one! Let’s start capturing those leads!)

  5. Clean up your Pinterest boards to match your brand’s key messaging

  6. Update your website’s banner images

  7. Review your website’s copy to ensure it aligns with your mission statement and ideal clients

  8. Dust off that old media kit and update with your new stats!

  9. Review your old blog posts for opportunity to add your opt-in and add new information & graphics

  10. Update your email signature. It’s a great spot to link to your social media accounts and opt-ins too!

In the spirit of refresh, we’ve added a fun new gallery to the collection. Bloom is full of fresh flowers and springtime vibes!

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