5 Ways to Customize Stock Photography for Your Brand

Today we are excited to be sharing FIVE ways that you can customize stock photography for your business and brand!


ONE- Overlays

One of the simplest ways to customize an image to match your brand is to add a transparent colour overlay. You can overlay any image with transparent colours that match your brand’s specific colour palette. Have a soft and muted colour palette? Add a white overlay. Have a bright and vibrant colour theme? Add a bright blue overlay. Your options are limitless!

the stock boutique example crop.png

You can even take the overlay process to the next level by adding in some custom font and messaging. With the right colours and the right brand message, you’re sure to make any image perfect for your next blog or social media post!


TWO- Cropping

Another easy way to customize a stock photo is to crop the photo. For example, if we wanted to use this gorgeous image below to create a pin-friendly image to showcase our blog post on Pinterest, we’d simply crop the image vertically and the overlay some fancy font.

Full Image:


Cropped Image:


Customized Image:


THREE- Shape

A great way to customize a stock photo is to change its shape. Spice up your website with some custom buttons by changing a rectangle photo into a square or circle...or get crazy and make a triangle!


FOUR- Your Message

Customize that stock photo with your own words! We try to leave lots of negative space (white space) in our photos so you can easily add in some custom messaging.


FIVE- Mock Ups

Take advantage of mock up opportunities! We love creating gorgeous flatlays that will allow you to feature your own work! For example, showcase your latest website updates with a screen shot inserted into one of our tech mock ups.


There are lots of great platforms available to help you customize your stock images. Photoshop is one of our personal favourites, but there are a lot of other options available. Canva is a free tool and has a lot of great features to help you tell your brand’s visual story!

Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to see a tutorial on how to use Canva to edit your images!