How to Start Your Day like a Boss in 6 Easy Steps

Every morning is a chance for a fresh start! Here are a few helpful tips for starting your day off right!     #femalepreneur     #girlboss     #smallbusiness

Every morning is a chance for a fresh start, so today we want to share a few helpful tips for starting your day off right!

How to start your day like a boss in 6 easy steps:

1. Make your bed and get changed into your workout clothes

After reading this article, I’m a firm believer that making your bed leads to a more productive morning. Also, if you’re already in your workout clothes, you are one step closer to actually working out and leading that ideal healthy, balanced lifestyle!

2. Get that coffee brewing, water pouring, or smoothie grinding

Whatever fuel you need to get your day started, now is the time! For me, I’m a cup of coffee first shot in the morning kinda gal.

3. Get moving!

Go for a walk, practice yoga or hit up the gym for some crossfit training. Being the best version of a boss babe starts with being healthy. So be sure to squeeze in a few mins of exercise.     

4. Take a shower and get ready for your day

Even if you plan to work from home all day, get dressed! Hanging out in pjs all day (although super comfortable) may hinder your ability to get into a productive mind-set... if you want to keep it comfy, at least change out of your pjs into yoga wear ;)

5. Have some breakfast and review/create your to-do list

Eating a healthy meal will help you have the energy you’ll need to tackle that to-do list!

6. Get started on that to-do list!

Now, that’s how you start your day like a BOSS!

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