BTS with Maureen Patricia Bridal

Much to my fiancés annoyance, I LOVE watching anything behind the scenes related. Perhaps I’m a voyeur but there is just something so fascinating about peeking into all the little moments that lead up to the finished product. So on the off chance that any of my readers are not so secret secret voyeurs too, I thought I’d start to share some of the behind the scene moments from my shoots.

Without further ado, here’s a little peek into a recent shoot with Maureen Patricia Bridal.

Maija, from Hello Midge Flower Studio, literally brought buckets and buckets of flowers for this shoot!

The beginning of our dreamy floral arrangement. 

This is Norman. He's the best office assistant of all time ;) 

Karla, our very talented hair & make up artist, adding some final touches to the lovely Olesya. 

Maija securing one of her many gorgeous floral hair pieces. 

Everybody loves Norman!

This is Chad. He's Maureen's business partner and husband. He worked so tirelessly to coordinate all of the shoot day logistics and is a pretty good chef, too!

Maureen making sure everything fits perfectly! 

Norman does a bit of modelling on the side, too!

CLICK HERE to see the final images from this dreamy shoot!