Why I am a product-based photographer: Product Overview Series - Part I


One day I was going through an old box and I found two things. I found an old disc labelled “university photos” and a small album containing about 20 images I had developed from one of those cheap disposable cameras.

I eagerly looked through the album with a huge smile remembering that wonderful day my boyfriend (now fiancé) and I spent skating on the Ottawa canal. I could recall how cold my cheeks were, how much more delicious a beaver tail tasted when eaten on the canal, and the hour of me falling and laughing while my special guy tried to teach me how to stop in skates(I still haven’t mastered this skill...). It was a perfect day in every way.

I then decided to pop in the disc and see what other memories were hidden but in that moment I realized something that I had never noticed before. My newer computer didn’t have a disc reader. Wait, WHAT?!? My first horrifying thought was “oh my gosh, I’m so OLD!” and my next thought was “how am I going to see these images?”

After a quick search, I realized I could purchase a separate disc reader. But guess what!?! To this date, I still haven’t looked at those images! Chalk it up to pure laziness, but to get the disc out of the box in my closet, pull out the disc reader, and load everything up is far too daunting of a task. (Personal note: stop being so darn lazy and finally print those images!!)

But that little album is on my book shelf and I pull it out every few months to take a peek through the images, I show the album to family & friends, and I’ve even framed one of the images.

On that day I had a business epiphany. I realized that most of my clients were probably doing the exact same thing!! I bet there are old USBs full of precious memories sitting in the drawers of my past clients that they haven’t looked at in years.

In that moment, I decided to change my business model! I was going to become a product-based photographer. I want my clients to have beautiful, tangible, heirloom quality photographs of themselves for their families and future generations to cherish. I want my client to have albums full of their family portraits sitting on their coffee table, I want them to have treasured folio boxes that they pass down to the next generation, I want them to hang gorgeous photographs on their walls!

Toronto Portrait Photographer- Alisha Lynn Photography-45

Toronto Portrait Photographer- Alisha Lynn Photography-45

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be taking some time on the blog to show you some of the gorgeous products I offer and I hope to inspire you to start printing your special photographs!


Alisha Lynn Photography Portrait

Alisha Lynn Photography Portrait